24H - the design clock

A minimal design wall clock to your home.

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The clock

This product is a minimal design twenty-four-hour wall clock. Thanks to the RTC module and WiFi connection it always shows the accurate time with a single clock hand.

The configurable LED light can follow the clock hand, it makes possible to read the time even if the ambient light is dark.

Manual time, timezones, daylight saving, ambient light color and more can be set with the help of web administration.

The device can be integrated to your smart home, smart functions can be reached over MQTT messages.

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Watch it in movement!


Although this is a very simple looking clock, it can do much more under the hood.

For advanced users:

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The clock can be updated by the owner, anytime, easily. Download the latest update file and upgrade your clock using the administration page of the device.

Keep your appliance up-to-date to get the latest features.

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Thanks for the contributors!

  • Ákos Vörös - inventor, software developer and photos
  • Ferenc Széphegyi - mechanical engineer (hardware planning, CNC)
  • János Dénes - iron man (metal case)
  • László Mangra - electrical circuit contributor
  • Attila Molnár - designer (clockface)
  • Hajnalka Soós - designer (logo)
  • Péter Steiner, Pepemovies - Photo/Video
  • coffee - general support :)

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